It opens in Aobadai, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi and is 30 years. If it is not a medical practitioner, "the fine warm medical treatment" which cannot be done is aimed at.

Temporomadibular disease and oral and facial pain

◆Temporomandibular disorder cause the pain avoid the ear, the sound with opening and closing the mouth, and the difficulty in opening the mouth.  It is basically benign and chronic.  But another disease can cause similar symptoms, too.  So, in additon, to temporomandibular disease, wee need to check up dental and medical disease.  We treat temporomandibular disorder with instruction for life, rehabilitaion, a mouthpiece, medical and removal of bad habits, etc.

TMD is easily explained in following address.


In this article, the director of our clinic is introduced.

◆In additon to temporomandibular disorder, many disease can cause the pain of a mouth, a jaw and a face.  We need to identify the disease from extensive area, so we can precisely diagnose and treat.  When we need medical advice by doctors for otolaryngology, brain surgery, neurology, psychiatry, etc. and medical examination such as MRI, we introduce you to related hospitals. 

◆It's not uncommon for children to injure their teeth or lip while playing.   And sometimes students hurt the jaw and the mouse in the sports.

◆In this clinic, we can replant and fix the damaged teeth.  We also can sew up the lip and the tongue if necessary.

◆If you have facial trauma on the head or face, we will introduce you to a doctor that specializes on that particular area such as a plastic surgeon or a neurosurgeon. 



We perform oral surgery when we think we can manage in this clinic.  Moreover, we can treat temporomandibular disorder and check up oral cancer.  If necessary, we introduce you to related university hospitals and a general hospitals.

Medical-examination outline
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