It opens in Aobadai, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi and is 30 years. If it is not a medical practitioner, "the fine warm medical treatment" which cannot be done is aimed at.

kyousei.jpgOrthodontic treatment can bring good looks in your mouth and your face.  In addtion, it can improve the function in mastication by the improvement of your occlusion, and prevent lcaries.

Periodontal disease, and temporomandibular disorder etc.  It may cost time and money, but it is one of the inevitable for your good health.


Before&After     To the own expense cost of medical treatment

002_jpg-thumb-150x120-31.jpgWe performe ordinary orthodontic treatment. But we can use "invisaline".  It is new and superior in beuty, fitness and oral hygiene etc.  This method hardly needs to attach ordinary devices "bracket" to your teeth.  It can move your teeth by using a transparent mouthpiece.  But, it is not always best for all patients.  So, we properly check at first, then start this treatment.  Please ask staffs and doctors in our clinic.




Some parents think orthodontic treatment should be performed after junior high school stage.  But, if you find disorder of your child when he or she is 4 - 5 years old, and start treatment early.  You and your child may avoid extensive orthodontic treatment in the future.  And in some case, the time milk teeth are exchanged for permanent teeth in upper and lower front teeth is proper for treatment.  In our clinic, we give advice you when your child is 4 - 12 years old, and if necessary, we start orthodontic tretment in early stage.





¥2,000 for counseling

■¥30,000 for inspection

■ ¥150,000 for partial rothodontic treatment

■ If orthodontic treatment is divided into Ⅰstage and Ⅱstage,

  ¥300,000 for orthodontic treatment in Ⅰstage、

    ¥400,000 for  orthodintic treatment in Ⅱstage

■¥700,000 for total orthodontic treatment

 (¥850,000 for total orthodontic treatment with invisaline)

■ ¥4,000 for adjustment every month

■ ¥2,000 for maintenance

the alignment of teeth

Before   After  (About two years after)
before1-thumb-270x170-21.jpg beforeafter.gif after1-thumb-270x170-24.jpg

Reversed occlusion

Before   After  (About two years after)
before2-thumb-270x171-26.jpg beforeafter.gif after2-thumb-270x165-28.jpg


Medical-examination outline
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