It opens in Aobadai, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi and is 30 years. If it is not a medical practitioner, "the fine warm medical treatment" which cannot be done is aimed at.

Our goal is "warm and tender dental care"

mascot3.gifOur goal is "warm and tender dental care".  Parents are often very concerned about children's cavities, Moreover, any pain caused by dental disease is also difficult for both the child and parents.

Our local doctors seek to understand the total background of patients, so they can advise and treat patients reliably.

We think it is important not only to protect one's privacy, but also to know a patient's current mental and physical condition as well as dental history.

The director of this hospital works in 3 university hospitals.  In these hospitals as well as my clinic, I arm at "warm and friendly dental care".  This is not just a motto, but a realith you will experience in our clinic.

oral hygiene and treatment at the same time as cure

Cavities and periodontal disease are infected by bacteria and they affect human health. To heal on the occlusiion and the alignment of children's teeth enable us to avoid difficult orthodontic treatment.  So we propose to check for the occlusions at a child stage, because the burden for both of parents and their children is least.

If you lose your tooth/teeth, you can choose a bridge, denture, implant treatment etc.  Each of them has merits and demerits, so we individualy decide on the best treatment.  We inspect thoroughly, and pay attention to the parient's wishes to insure the best treatment decision.stuff88.png

So we promise to protect the patient's privacy in order that we might find out their history of dental disease and also of which can influence whether teeth have trouble or healthy.



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